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People are raising money for this MMU third year’s prosthetic leg as he’s set to lose his to rare cancer

He needs a special prosthetic to continue playing hockey

Ben Rawson is a third year computer science student at Manchester Metropolitan. He was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma. The rare cancer affects fewer than 30 teenagers and young adults in the UK each year.

Ben is an active hockey player and a competitive snooker player. Living in Fallowfield, he's just an average student who loves going out with his best friend Harry and embracing Manchester life. Due to the 14cm tumour in Ben's leg, he unfortunately is set to lose it in a bid to save his life. However this will leave his mobility significantly impaired.

The operation will take place mid November. Ben told us "It's quite surreal to think I'll go in there with a leg and come out without one"

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Ben is currently undergoing rounds of Chemotherapy in a bid to shrink the tumour.

In losing his leg, Ben will need a prosthetic in order to regain the ability to walk – and this comes at a steep cost. There has been a fund set up for Ben in order to relieve his family of the financial burden of the prosthetic, and to help Ben regain the best quality of life possible.

Ben says "The priority of the funds is largely to help me pay for any prosthetic legs that help me get back to doing what I love, which is hockey. It will also help me with all the other expenses that come with my illness, like travel, home and car adjustments and other treatments in the future. "

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Ben has lost most of his hair due to the Chemotherapy.

Although the surgery and recovery will undoubtedly have severe impact on Ben's life, he is determined to carry on living as he has always done. He is vibrant and positive, and overwhelmed by the immense generosity of his friends, family, and total strangers, commenting "The generosity of my friends and family has been quite astounding and they've made this ride so much smoother than it otherwise would have been."

If you would like to donate to Ben's fund in order to help him regain normalcy and have the best quality of life, you can donate here.