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‘It started stinging five seconds after I wiped it off my face’: I got hit by acid outside a club

The acid burnt straight through our clothes

On Saturday night, while leaving an event at White Hotel in Salford, Manchester, my friends and I were hit by acid during an attack.

A man had been asked to leave the venue, before returning with a knife and acid, which he threw at the club's bouncers, who were later rushed to hospital at around 3.40am on Sunday morning.

Whilst me and my friends were waiting for a cab outside of the venue, something was kicking off at the club entrance. Out of nowhere, we saw a man sprinting down one of the roads away from the club.

We saw him throw a bottle behind him which landed pretty close to us.

One of my friends started panicking. He was experiencing severe pain. He seemed to think somebody had thrown acid on to his face, but we didn't believe it at first until his face started to burn up.

He said: "It just started stinging like five seconds after I wiped it off my face. Then it started burning and carried on until I woke up in the morning with the burns."

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We went inside the venue to wash his face, and saw that the bouncers had also been sprayed with acid.

My girlfriend's hand had also been burnt and blistered violently.

In the cab back we had also noticed that holes had been burnt in our clothes, it was obviously a really corrosive substance. There were holes in my t-shirt and my friends' jackets.

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The White Hotel posted this on Facebook the next day:

We are shocked and saddened about the random attack on two of our door team last night. Our thoughts are with them at…

Posted by The WHITE HOTEL presents on Sunday, October 29, 2017

White Hotel staff have now organised a fundraising page to support the two men who have been permanently injured. They said: “In the early hours of Sunday, October 29 two regular members of our door team at The White Hotel venue in Salford were the victims of a random acid attack.

“At TWH we pride ourselves on the professional and friendly attitude of all members of staff and we’d like to support the short-term recovery of the two men involved in the abhorrent incident.

“Week in, week out they have always provided a caring, supportive and good natured service. We’d like to reassure everyone that this was a random and isolated incident. Any donation is welcome from a rusty, fluff-ridden 2p circle to Rooney’s weekly wage.”