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We asked Sigma how to make it as a DJ

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The Tab Manchester caught up with the boys from Sigma, Cam Edwards and Joe Lenzie at Capital's Monster Mash-Up at the Manchester Academy for an exclusive interview.

Sigma have worked with the likes of DJ Fresh, Paloma Faith, Rita Ora, Birdy and have produced for Hospital Records, amongst many others.

Following their chart success, as well as a lucrative early career on the DnB scene, we felt it necessary to ask them all the important questions about DJing, specifically how to make it, and what you can do as a student DJ to ensure fame and success.

So, you guys met at uni, right? Did you know about The Tab when you were students?

Joe: "What?"

Cam: "Umm, we were at uni quite a while ago though."

Okay, moving on. What do you think of Manchester?

Joe: "Manchester's cool, we've been quite a few times."

Cam: "Yeah, the food in Manchester is incredible. One of my favourite restaurants is Australasia. We had dinner at Tattu last night it was brilliant."

Have you been out much in Manchester? Where do you like to go?

Joe: "We work so much now, we don't have much time to party after shows, which is a shame."

Cam: "I just love Australasia."

You must have partied a bit here, remember any clubs? Ever been to Antwerp?

Cam: "Oh, in Belgium? Yeah we've been there."

Joe: "No mate it's a club in Manchester. I think you DJed there once, didn't you?"

Cam: "Oh that old mansion? I think so, years ago."

What are your favourite memories from uni then, guys?

Cam: "I honestly can't remember that much to be honest with you, my uni days are a bit of a blur. I had a lot of fun DJing in my student days, though."

Joe: "Oh yeah, we had some good nights."

What do you think of the student DJ scene?

Joe: "It's great how many students DJ, some of the best nights are put on by students."

Cam: "Yeah, it's very competitive though."

So how do you break out as a DJ, then? You guys are obviously very succesful, how did you do it?

Joe: "Honestly, just luck. Work hard and get lucky."

Cam: "I'd say it's more about the production than the music. So many DJs are so talented, so you've got to count on putting on a show that people will remember as well. If you've got great tunes then some people will remember you, but if you've got a good set and the production is on point then everyone will be talking about it. It's much more likely that someone will say 'you've got to check this DJ out, their show was incredible', rather than 'yeah, they played good music but no one was really vibing.'"

Joe: "Oh yeah, and radio play. If you can get one of your tunes on a big station that's amazing. People know what they like as well, you could make sick original music but it's much more likely that someone will play a remix. So if you're trying to get big, focus on remixes, too."