42s are now charging 10p for straws

All proceeds are going to charity as part of the Straw Wars campaign

42nd Street Nightclub have announced that they are taking part in the Straw Wars campaign by only offering paper straws to clubbers at the price of 10p.

In a mission to eradicate the unnecessary use of plastic drinking straws, 42s has joined 88 other venues, restaurants and clubs who have committed themselves to the Straw Wars campaign. The campaign's aim is to create "a better and more sustainable urban living environment by taking responsibility for our planet". It is estimated that plastic makes up 40–60 per cent of all marine debris and can be ingested by marine life, causing contamination and death.

42s were keen to stress that they won't profit from this venture as all proceeds will be going to charities focused on the protection of sea turtles, such as SeeTurtles.

Freya McGreevy, Media Production third year told the Tab Manchester that she loved the idea:

"I think it's a really good idea and hope other clubs do the same and maybe help out other charities too. Plus turtles are well cute and should be saved."

However, the announcement had a mixed reaction from other customers.

42s have been contacted for comment.