Junkyard Golf has had a makeover and now it’s even more sick

There’s FIVE bars throughout the course

Everyone's most loved sporting venue has just had a brand new make over, Junkyard Golf Club (check out their website here) has moved to First Street to a bigger venue to make room for more bars, more food, and new courses.

Brand New Courses

Brand New Courses

When you think golf, some may typically think it's just your average 'old man's sport', until the invention of Junkyard Golf. One that combines Crazy Golf with booze, music, and psychedelia it's the perfect sport for your average student.

There's now five bars throughout the course: plenty of places to get a bit of encouragement for your next shot.

Every sportsman needs a load of carbs to give them energy before the big game, of course. Well fear not, they're now serving a range of street food to get you through the course: hot dogs, cheesy nachos, homemade popcorn and pick & mix sweets.

Fear of clowns?

Fear of clowns?

So whether its for a Friday Night out with mates, a uni society social, or an ice breaker for a first date, head on over to first street to whack some balls and work off that uni stress.

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