Very important life lessons we learnt from Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging

A stuffed olive is legit fancy dress

It's coming up to ten years since Georgia Nicholson and her Ace Gang hit our screens, and no British teen film has ever been as good. The film itself is an education, in life, in love, in fancy dress.

Keep your Ace Gang close

Georgia, Jas, Ellen and Rosie taught us that the bonds of an Ace Gang are unbreakable, even over Sex Gods and Slaggy Lindsays.

My mingers x

My mingers x

Cats are infinitely better than dogs

Everyone needs an Angus in their life.

Toby is arguably even better than Angus.

Toby is arguably even better than Angus.

Wearing a bra = being a woman

Even if you can't fit a pencil case in there, the act of putting your nunga nungas into a bra means you've crossed the line over to womanhood.

Sad olive girl is legit fancy dress

It might be beyond the Valley of Sad City, but Georgia inspired a new wave of Halloween costumes.

Even tho boys don't like girls for funniness Megan dressed as an olive

Even tho boys don't like girls for funniness Megan dressed as an olive

Be really really careful with fake tan

Especially just before you go to the local lido to "accidentally" bump into your crush.

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It's okay to cheat but only when it's with a Sex God with a slaggy girlfriend

I mean, morals aside, EVERYONE wanted Robbie to kiss Georgia in the pool – no one liked Slaggy Lindsay.

Physical attractiveness tests are always a bad idea

No one really wants to know how ugly they are. I was heartbroken in Year 8 when I got a 4 for my teeth. Flip flippering flipping hell.

Woe is me

Woe is me

Fifteenth birthday parties are the shit (in Eastbourne)

Whose parents let them hire an ACTUAL NIGHTCLUB for their fifteenth birthday party??? All I got was a meal at Frankie and Benny's.

Fifteenth birthdays in Derby just weren't the same

Fifteenth birthdays in Derby just weren't the same

Telling boys you're a lesbian so you can't go out with them will become an actual excuse you are forced to use


Go away saliva boy

Go away saliva boy

At the end of the day, you don't need a nose job or blonde hair because you will get your Sex God in the end

Okay so I already had blonde hair but I'm nose jobless despite that 4 on the sexual attractiveness test

Thanks, Ace Gang.

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I'm officially boylingual now

I'm officially boylingual now

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