An ode to Turkiss

A rose amongst thorns

Its 5:00 am and you’ve just got back from that filthy techno night at fuck knows where. It might have been good, it might have been bad, it doesn’t matter, you’re tired and now all you’re thinking about is that greasy meat we all know and love, however where do you go?

It’s safe to say there isn’t exactly a shortage of takeaways in the Fallowfield area with Kebab King, Chesters and Turkiss all within 100 metres of each other. If you’re new to Fallowfield, allow me to give you a quick rundown of what’s what. If you’re after a simple portion of chips with cheese and maybe a cheeky scoop of gravy then kebab king is your place. Good prices and great customer service, Kebab King come through with the best chips in Fallowfield. Chesters also provides a perfectly decent bit of fried chicken however no one in history has consumed a Chesters and felt good about themselves afterwards so do be careful when scranning that succulent fried chicken and chips doused in red salt.

The crème de la crème of Fallowfield takeways however is Turkiss. Opening in late 2016, Turkiss is relatively new to the Fallowfield takeaway scene but boy has it blown the competition out of the water. While the menu is long and the options many ranging from your bread and butter donner and chips to BBQ based pizzas, all you need from Turkiss is the chicken shawarma wrap. At a mere £3 the wrap is the ultimate post night out meal. A wrap filled with hummus, perfectly spiced chicken, a wide range of salad and then topped off with sauces of your choosing. For salad, mines a lettuce, onion, cabbage and chilli and for sauces it has got to be garlic mayo and chilli sauce. Spicy but not eye watering, this sweet combo produces what many of my associates and I consider to be the ultimate kebab.

While not only being perfect for the post night out meal, Turkiss is also a perfect finale to a night at the pub. After a few pints in Squirrels or Friendship, Turkiss tops the night off perfectly. This versatility boosts Turkiss up the takeaway ranks well past its competitors making it the quintessential kebab shop in Fallowfield.

One never forgets their first Turkiss, for me it was a cold day in early January 2017, I was alone in my flat but found companionship in that little shop. I took the smoking hot package back to my freezing cold flat and consumed it at my desk savouring every bite. From that day onwards I have never looked back, I have tried other kebab establishments but none of them compare to the love I found on that cold January evening.

Turkiss; not just a kebab, but an experience.