There have been multiple student muggings in Fallowfield this week

Greater Manchester Police have issued a warning to new and returning students

Over the past two days, a gang of teenagers have been targeting students in and around Wilmslow Road, Platt Lane and Platt Fields Park, taking wallets, iPhones, iPods and other electronic devices.

Most of the muggings took place between 1:30 and 3:30am and some victims have been threatened and even physically attacked after refusing to hand over money and electronic devices.

Greater Manchester Police have urged students to stay away from the entrance to Platt Fields Park, where the offenders, described as black males aged around 18 years old and wearing black and white clothing have been seen. One offender was also described as wearing a blue bubble jacket.

A statement from the police read:

"We are aware of these attacks and investigations are underway. We urge you to share this with friends or any student family in and around South Manchester and avoid the Platt Fields entrance when walking alone.

"We have as many additional resources in the area as we possibly can with everything else going on and these robberies are under investigation by detectives.

"Only carry devices on your person in this area that are absolutely necessary."

Jamie Holloway, Geography third year, was a victim of one attack in Rusholme on Sunday.

"I was walking back with my mate from a house party around 2:30am and tried to get the bus along the curry mile but a lot of them were full because of the Deansgate freshers event so we decided to just walk it.

"As we were just leaving the Curry Mile opposite Platt Fields I noticed that two guys had walked over and sat on the wall in front of us and they made a whistle sound. Obviously this was very sketchy so I decided to walk fast and keep my head down. As soon as I turned to see if they were following they grabbed my mates throat from behind and threw him to the floor and then another four guys came up to me and pushed me to the side and surrounded me.

"One of them had something knife shaped but we think it might just been a piece of wood. I remember just holding my hands up and saying 'Take it easy here's my phone', and just getting bashed around the head a few times. They somehow managed to miss my wallet and just ran off, kicking my mate on the way out. They got his wallet and his phone."

Jamie Holloway, Geography third year

Jamie Holloway, Geography third year

Jamie and his friend decided to call 101 the next morning but were put on hold for half an hour. Although Jamie described the police as "very helpful and understanding", he said he has yet to receive a call back from them regarding giving a statement.

Jake Bell, English Literature and American Studies third year was also the victim of a personal robbery on Wilmslow Road whilst on his way to work last November. He was jumped by three men near the entrance to Platt Fields Park at around 5pm in the evening:

"Just as I got to the gate, three men ran up behind me, grabbed my arm and ran into the park with my phone. There were people and cars around as well but no one seemed that surprised, just looked for ten seconds and turned away."

However, he felt that the police didn't take him or the incident seriously. After asking to borrow someone's phone, he was informed that the police would come to his house shortly, but this didn't happen.

"The police never showed up and I don't think the crime was even logged until I rang them a second time and had to go over what happened again, but they told me there just isn't anything they could do."

Jamie advised freshers and returning students to "get the bus when you can and always walk in a big group, then you'll be fine."

Anyone with any further information regarding these incidents should call GMP on 101, or Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111, quoting the reference number 265 190 917.