This guy’s mum dressed his dogs up for graduation and it’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen

Who’s a good boy

To celebrate his graduation, George McCaffery’s mum threw him a graduation party and dressed his dogs up, one in a tuxedo and one in a graduation gown and hat. Somebody give this pup an honorary degree.

George recently graduated from the University of Manchester in Law and celebrated in style with the whole family.

Archie, the golden Labradoodle, is the McCaffery family dog and has recently been joined by French Bulldog puppy, Eric (named after Eric Cantona) who George bought himself after graduating. Any excuse to buy a puppy, right?

George told us about the party: “the day after the actual graduation ceremony we had a family party and mum made me put the gown back on as she hired it for the week. I was outside and she just opened the door and Archie and Eric both ran out in the outfits.

“I had no idea mum had found the costumes online and just released the dogs into the garden in the outfits. I loved it and was really surprised.”

We asked George whether his mum normally dresses the dogs up. He said: “no, this was the first time as I don’t usually let her, but if she could then she definitely would! She always tries hats on him at the shop.”

You look great, babe

You look great, babe

Since graduating, George says he and Eric have been enjoying a relaxing summer together.

Omg, so relaxing

Omg, so relaxing

We spoke to George’s mum, Jo McCaffery, about the graduation party: “George bought himself Eric to celebrate his graduation. I wanted to surprise him at the graduation at the university with Eric and Archie waiting for him all dressed up as he exited Whitworth Hall, but due to the weather that day I decided it wasn’t feasible.”

“When we got back the dogs were waiting for George all dressed up in their outfits and we celebrated with a party over the weekend with the family and they all thought it was so cute. I thought having the dogs dressed up would make George’s graduation an even more memorable occasion.”

This good boy deffo deserves a 2:1

This good boy deffo deserves a 2:1

Probably the purest graduation pics you’re going to see on the internet. Good luck to George an Eric with their graduate life together.

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