Salford uni SU president accused of sparking controversy after tweeting she would ‘oppress white people’

She also made comments on Ask FM about an ‘Islamic takeover’


Zamzam Ibrahim, Salford University's Student Union president has been accused by the Daily Mail of inciting an "Islamic takeover" and making inflammatory comments, "sparking controversy" about Islam and white people.

Ibrahim answered several questions on Ask FM, in which she referenced the Quran and an "islamic takeover".

To the question “What’s the one book you think everyone should be required to read?” Ibrahim replied “The Quaraan. We would have an Islamic takeover!”

The Daily Mail also took issue with Ask FM comments Ibrahim made about friendships between men and women “Can there be a friendship between a man and a woman?”

“I’ve had this debate with many friends! Maybe in some cases but Islamically it’s incorrect for girls to be friends with a guy anyway! So I’m gonna say NO not the kind of friendship they can have with the same gender there is always boundaries.”

However, a tweet has also surfaced from 2012, in which Ibrahim comments that she would oppress white people. The tweet appears to be part of a trending hashtag.

"#IfIwasPresident I'd oppress white people just to give them a taste of what they put us through! #LMFAO"

Past comments Ibrahim has made about the government's PREVENT scheme have also caused some controversy "If elected, I will continue to work with NUS Officers and ARAF campaigns to develop networks to support students and activists affected by Hate Crime, to fight against the disastrous racist PREVENT strategy and support international students and migrant communities".

The comments which have since resurfaced are especially prevalent since the Tab exclusively revealed that Salman Abedi, the Manchester Arena suicide bomber was confirmed to be a Salford University student.

The Tab has contacted Zamzam Ibrahim for comments.