There’s an event on tomorrow at Antwerp Mansion to raise money for a mental health charity

One last night at the Mansion for a great cause

It’s the beginning of the summer, we are all absolutely roasting (just look at everyone’s snapchat stories for precise temperatures) and for most of us the academic year is over, and indeed for some of us it may never return.

But despite the sense of freedom, the essay or exam fuelled weight lifted from our shoulders, the anticipation of a holiday, be it a weekend break or two months in Thailand; for many of us one thing that is not washed away by these milestones is the ever lagging, irritatingly persistent and harshly timed mental health issues. Many of us have them and we all know people who suffer and nobody should suffer alone.

Over the past five years, our understanding of the severity and common occurrence of mental health problems has seen a great development with charities like Calm and Storms among many raising awareness with admiral dedication and passion. Another of these organisations that deserve a medal for the way they have conducted their research and support are Manchester based ‘Mensai’ who this weekend hosts their first major music event at beloved Manchester venue, Antwerp Mansion.

Our support for organisations like MIND is more important than ever, with the current political nightmare that is our government showing no sign of eradicating the neglect of the mentally ill any time soon. Added to that are trolls like Piers Morgan (I know, I try and ignore him too but the media love sharing his vile comments because he gets a reaction, sad) telling our generation to ‘man up’ which should not be happening in 2017. It’s events like this that we can stick two fingers up to fools like him and show strength in numbers for a great cause.

Featuring artists on both floors, tomorrow (Friday 23rd June) we have one more chance to go absolutely nuts with a mixture of dub, jungle and drum and bass on offer before the chaos of house changing goes into hyper-mode next month and we face a three-month break before Antwerp and other popular student venues are back in full swing. What is special about this night though, is that every penny of the ticket money raised will go to the charity MIND who aim to support anyone with mental health illness.

Since the Manchester arena attacks, this city has made us all so proud to call home. The love and support felt all around is warm and nostalgic and unity is at an all-time high. That’s what the event is about. Showing love and support for one another on the night whilst at the same time making a contribution towards a force that will share the love back to all of us.

Mine’s a Red Stripe

Here’s the link to the event: