House raided and arrest made in Withington in connection with the Manchester suicide bombing

A house on Egerton Crescent has been raided

A man has been arrested in connection with the Manchester Arena suicide bombing, after a house was raided on Egerton Crescent in Withington at 4:15am.

An eyewitness, Caroline O’Shea told The Guardian that she “heard a huge bang at about 4am. We thought it was another explosion. We looked out of the window. There were armed officers with their faces covered and police dogs”.

Another man was also arrested in an undisclosed area of Manchester last night, bringing the number of people in custody to eight.

Greater Manchester Police released a statement regarding the arrests and raid in Withington.

“These searches are connected to Monday’s attack on the Manchester Arena, but this is a fast moving investigation and we are keeping an open mind at this stage.

“Another man has also been arrested in the Manchester area this morning in connection with the investigation, bringing the total number of men in custody to eight.”