After last night’s attacks, Manchester’s kindness and generosity proves how united our city is

‘The city is grieving today, but we are strong’ – Andy Burnham

Waking up this morning to the devastating realities following the explosion at the MEN Arena has been truly saddening.

22 lives were lost, 59 people were injured and numerous young people are still missing. The tragedy has left a gaping hole in the spirit of Manchester which will not be easy to heal, we face today with heavy hearts. However with all darkness is a flicker of light, and this has come in the form of people from all over Manchester showing strength and doing amazing things to ease the pain of what has happened. Everyone from taxi drivers giving free lifts, hotel workers offering shelter and strangers looking after children separated from their parents – all of them showed what a great place Manchester is.

A heroic lady named Paula Robinson took approximately 50 children with her to the Holiday Inn in Manchester in order to provide them with shelter and care until their parents could collect them. Paula offered so much kindness to these children who were afraid and lonely. This is just one of the many courageous and kind acts Manchester has seen throughout this ordeal.

Masses of Manchester residents offered their houses to provide shelter for people affected by the explosions, and left unable to get home. Using a hashtag ‘#roomsformanchester’. Grace Ogden, a woman who offered her house up to help victims told us “It’s absolutely devastating to hear that this has happened in our city and I cant imagine how distraught the families of those affected are at this time. Manchester is an amazing city and the help, food, and shelter people are offering from all over proves just that. Although this is an act of evil, there is an amazing amount of kindness and humility that comes from this that restores my faith in humanity.”

Alongside these kind gestures, Taxi drivers all over Manchester were offering their services free of charge to help victims get to safer locations, with reports of drivers taking people as far as Liverpool for free.

Source: Channel 4 News twitter.

Our emergency services acted promptly and heroically and have been rightfully praised. Their hard work and great sense of humanity made an invaluable difference to many of the victims lives.

The people of Manchester have exceeded expectations of kindness, love and humanity throughout this devastating experience. People have been distributing free food.


Many were performing CPR on victims inside the arena. Blood banks have received an influx of people hoping to donate blood to aid the victims.

In the face of hate and despair the people of Manchester solidify into the strong unit we have always been. We do not let acts of hate and unfathomable evil define who we are as a city. Vigils for the lives lost will be held at the Students Union, and Albert Square at 6pm today. Love wins, always.