Register to Vote and claim a free pint in Manchester

Registered voters are happier with a free pint

Bock Biere Cafe in Manchester City Centre is offering a free pint to registered voters for the general election 2017.

Register by Monday 22nd of May to claim your pint.

Just look how happy and cool these registered voters are.

The Campaign to get new voters said that “Politics is thirsty work”, and is giving a free pint of beer, or equivalent drink away to new voters. The campaign is being run in 68 different pubs across the UK.

Bock Biere Cafe is situated on Tib Lane and Cross Street, near Albert Square. To secure your free pint you will need to bring your poll card, or an email confirmation of your registration

At the 2015 general election, turnout in the 18-24 year old age bracket was thought to be less than 45%. It was estimated that the 18-24 vote was even lower last June for the Brexit vote. A year on make sure your voice is heard.

Register, have a pint to relax because you can vote.

Whether you’re one of the 17% of students at Manchester voting Conservative as revealed by a recent Tab Survey or one of the 80% that would rather go for a pint with Jeremy Corbyn, as revealed by another recent Tab Survey, make sure you’re registered and go grab that pint!

If having your voice heard, and the terrifying statistics of previous voting didn’t compel you to get yourself registered and vote, surely the promise of a free pint is worth it?

These guys are having fun and beer because they have registered to vote.

Register here, it takes 5 minutes and is really easy and is also your democratic right.