I’m not letting my Polycystic Ovary Syndrome affect my life

I’m still me, in spite of my PCOS


It wasn’t easy to diagnose

After coming home from my first semester of second year with acne, having missed periods and gaining weight, my mum wanted to send me to the doctors to get checked out, whereas I was just blaming too many nights out and stress. I went and had a blood test, and following an ultra sound scan and doctor consultations I was diagnosed with Polycistic Ovarian Syndrome.

At first I had no idea what was going on

The symptoms of PCOS can include irregular periods or no periods at all, which results in PCOS causing difficulty getting pregnant (a very daunting thing to have to worry about aged 19). It can also include oily skin and acne, weight gain, especially around the stomach and cause low moods and depression.

I dismissed all of these symptoms as a result of going out too much and stress,  besides, I’d always had bad skin. But by getting yourself checked out and making lifestyle changes you can help yourself out so much.


There’s no cure

There is a no way of curing PCOS but significant lifestyle changes can really help, sticking to certain foods and following a 5:2 diet along with regular exercise can really help improve the symptoms.

The 5:2 diet helping is due to PCOS being resistant towards the insulin your body creates. By putting your body into shock and eating less than 500 calories a day your body is more likely to work harder and respond to insulin.

Following my diagnosis I have made tweaks to my lifestyle eating healthier, following a 5:2 diet and exercising more regularly. But I’m not letting it get in my way, I’m still going out enjoying myself and having treats every now and then.

I realised it was nothing to worry about

Following the diagnosis I think the scariest prospect was the way it would to go on to effect my infertility in later life, what a stressful thing to worry about when I’m in such a different stage of my life. But celebrities such as Victoria Beckham and Jooles Oliver have PCOS and they’ve both had multiple children.

Easy lifestyle changes can make such a difference and will benefit your health and wellbeing so much.

PCOS can also have an impact on mental health issues, if you’re a young woman who is more susceptible to these issues, it may be beneficial to get checked out and have a conversation with your doctor about PCOS.