Bongo’s Bingo have So Solid Crew as their guests for a special show at Albert Hall

Jonny Bongo returns to Manchester, and this time he’s bringing his crew

Bongo’s Bingo have just announced that they’re hosting a special Manchester show on Friday 28 April will feature the legendary hip-hop collective, So Solid Crew.

This is one of Bongo’s biggest bookings and, quickly becoming one of Manchester’s most talked about nights out, this is sure to be a sell out show at the Albert Hall.

There will also be a normal (if you can call any Bongo’s Bingo event normal) on Tuesday 25 April for only £5, if you miss out on tickets for the Friday night.

In keeping with Bongo’s Bingo’s special shows with iconic guests, including S Club 7 and The Vengaboys, the end of the month is set to be a real classic: So Solid Crew are the famed hip-hop collective who helped to introduce their sound to the UK masses, with their fusion of garage, grime and hip-hop bringing them a number one slot with 21 Seconds as well as a BRIT Award. Expect mayhem on the stage and on the floor.

If you haven’t had the experience, Bongo’s Bingo takes place at Albert Hall and incorporates the classic elements of bingo with wild spins. There are dance-offs, rave intervals, plenty of heckling, audience participation, endless hands-in- the-air anthems and of course winning prizes too, from Henry Hoovers to actual cold hard cash. It’s like nothing you’ve seen before. Hosted by Jonny Bongo himself, each show is different and every show is complete chaos.

Organiser, Joshua Burke, explains, “we have brought some amazing special guests to Bongo’s Bingo already, and So Solid Crew are going to have the Albert Hall going crazy!”

Tickets cost £12 for the So Solid Crew special on Friday 28 April, and £5 for the event on Tuesday 25 April. Both start at 6pm.

MMU third year, Fran, said her experience at Bongo’s was “life changing and messy. It turns you into a hooligan.”

Tickets are available on the Bongo’s Bingo website.