Everything that happens on your first night at Antwerp Mansion

If Fallowfield fashion had a headquarters it would be Antwerp

“What do you mean, how have you never been to Antwerp?” is a question I was sick of hearing. I didn’t have an answer and felt as if I had been missing out. Described as a “dirty little paradise”, “beyond edgey” and just simply “Fallow AF”, I had to experience Antwerp for myself. Easing myself in with a novel but absolutely banging Silent Disco with top DJs Cameron Rawson, Habben Ghermai and Rhodri Parry.

Pre Antwerp Nerves
Half of the experience of that first eventful Antwerp night is the anticipation. Picture pre drinks and everyone knows you haven’t been before, they give you this smile that reaches a bit too high as if you are about to be indoctrinated, saying stuff like “oh my god, just you wait” and “I am so excited to see your face when we get in”.

Cameron Rawson absolutely killing it

Which Bus Stop is it?
Really we could have walked but we are lazy. If we get off at this one will we have to walk further, none of us really get off the bus on Curry Mile except for Antwerp. Where actually are the stops on the Curry Mile now?

Down the rabbit hole…
Actually just through the slightly scary gates and down the path. Still asking “are you sure this is it?” it is very wet and muddy. I’m really glad I didn’t wear my good trainers.

What awaits you on the other side?

This is really grungy and grimy but also pretty wavy 
I’m indoors but it’s muddy and I feel like I’m outdoors, and it’s cold and warm, and colourful but also dark. Somehow it’s dingy but really spacious. The place is like some kind of twilight zone contradiction with music and booze.

To the bar
“Rum please? Oh no rum, what do you have?” I hope you like Red Stripe, or Strongbow Original, but honestly no one likes Strongbow Original.

Silent Disco vibes
Specific to Silent Disco nights, the best thing is taking off your headphones and watching the whole room dancing to different beats. The worst thing, flicking between them scared you will miss an absolute belter on another channel. Once you have found your channel you’re there.

Stairs have never been so challenging
Whilst a couple drinks will complicate the usually pretty straightforward process of walking up a flight of stairs, there was something about this staircase. Maybe it is the general wavy vibes, or that you are just distracted looking at all the art/graffiti plastering the walls but these stairs seem trickier, as if one might not be there.

Think like the door. Feel the door. Be the door.

“Literally where is the door to this toilet?” 
Did someone take it? Why did they take it? This isn’t Peep Show. Can I not go to the bathroom with dignity? Should I be worried? I don’t want to see someone else wee. I don’t want anyone else to see me wee. People had forewarned me about this but I think I just didn’t quite believe them. But when needs must and your pal can be your door.

“This is too far. Where is the toilet seat?”
Did someone take it? Why? Why do I not get one? Who robs off with a toilet seat? It was a little bit too far but also a testament to squatting.

See you again Antwerp

All in all it was great, a little dirty but so much fun. I am so glad I lost my Antwerp virginity. See you next time!