Stop telling us that MMU is a bad uni, we’re happy here

As long as you’re happy you will succeed

There’s a lot of stigma surrounding the students that attend MMU. We’re called the “failures, disappointments and underachievers” of our generation, to say the least.

How deep do these words go?

At first, having people say things like “you’re at a shit uni, doing a shit degree” affected me. Having almost completed my first year, I no longer care for such meaningless words. I have learnt that this bitterness stems from jealously. Not everyone can be good at maths and people that aren’t hate the talented individuals that are. When you’re doing a degree in maths, it doesn’t matter where you do it – Cambridge or MMU, as long as you are happy, you will succeed.

What makes a university GOOD?

A university isn’t only defined by its academic standing. A big part of how good a university is lies within how happy it’s students are and how well they are treated by their leaders. MMU’s mathematics department houses some of the most caring lecturers I have ever met. They care about you personally, not just how good you make them look. Students here aren’t afraid to drop into their lecturers offices for a hand. There’s no such thing as a stupid question, if you need help you get it on the spot. Criticisms are taken on board and improvements are made promptly and accordingly. Not like other universities that don’t care about you unless you’ve made them drop a position in a silly table.

What do other people think?

Students from other universities think that MMU is more of a party uni, which you could say isn’t far from the truth. But just because it’s a party uni, doesn’t mean that its bad. In fact, that just makes it better. Students have fun here and that’s what uni is all about.

Another opinion is that MMU is only seen as bad because it has a competitor in the same city. If UoM didn’t exist, would MMU be a more popular choice?

Don’t be discouraged

If you’re thinking of applying to MMU, don’t let the negative people in your life put you off the idea.  It’s a fantastic uni, one that will ensure you are looked after by your peers and your lecturers.