You can get free beer in Manchester if your name is George, Georgia or Georgina

It can be your first, middle or last name

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This St George’s day The Greenfinch in Didsbury will be giving away a free pint to anyone with the name George.

Mark the date, Sunday 23rd of April and get yourself to The Greenfinch to celebrate from 11am-11pm. Term starts again on the 24th so it is the perfect back to uni Sunday boost.

Just rock up, with your ID and if your first, middle or last name is George/Georgia/Georgina/Georgiano (basically anything derived from St George) you can claim your free drink.

The chosen few, the lucky Georges can choose from a pint of cask ale, a Fosters, 125ml glass of wine, Pepsi, Lemonade, or even a J-20 – but go steady on those bad boys. There is also ice cream for the mini-Georges of Didsbury.

The Greenfinch was taken over by the Generous George group, who true to their name celebrate St George’s day very generously in all their 23 venues across the UK from Bristol to Durham.

The goal of this wonderful day, to bring together as many George’s as possible to create a new record. Adam Mansell, manager of the pub, said “Last year, 13 Generous George pubs joined together to bring 172 different Georges together to mark the day. To help visitors get into the spirit of the festivities, we’ll be hosting a family fun weekend to appeal to guests of all ages, inviting them to enjoy the entertainment and activities, not to mention our brilliant menu.”

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