All costumes are banned at this summer’s ‘Castaway’ Pangaea



The University of Manchetser Students’ Union has just announced that this summer’s ‘Castaway’ themed Pangaea festival will not be a fancy dress event.

After the controversy of previous years, with various costumes having been banned to avoid offence, the Pangaea organising team have decided it is easier to just make it a non-fancy dress event, banning all costumes.

Costumes relating to the shipwreck theme have been banned due to the harrowing nature of the shipwreck experience and organisers are concerned that it will provoke a negative reaction from those who have experienced being shipwrecked.

A spokesperson told The Tab Manchester: “We’ve had so many complaints in the past, we just feel as though it would be simpler and easier for everyone if we all come in normal clothes.

“It won’t ruin the fun of the event, the line up is great and I’m sure you’ll all still look amazing in your normal going out clothes.”

With Groove Armada headlining, this is bound to be a hugely anticipated event, for which tickets are now on sale.

Lois, third year geographer, told The Tab Manchester, “I’m really sad to hear about the costume ban. My friend and I were going to go as Tom Hanks and Wilson from the film, ‘Castaway’. But we can see that it would be really offensive, so we are gonna go anyway in normal clothes and have a great time.”

Fun clothes and accessories such as glitter (but not bindis) are encouraged, but no Pangaea-goer may dress in the style of any character resembling that of a shipwreck survivor. The aim of this drastic move from the Pangaea team is simply to ensure that everyone has a good time, without any offence being caused.

Check the date – happy April Fools.