Fallowfield taxi driver attempts to sexually assault passenger

He told her, ‘you cannot pay me for this ride, so what are you going to do for me instead?’

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A student at the University of Manchester posted a story in the ‘Fallow field Buy/Sell Tickets’ Facebook group about her friend who had a terrifying experience in a taxi.

The story reads:

“In Fallowfield on Friday night, my friend got into a silver saloon that appeared to have normal taxi markings on it. The driver then locked the doors and said he’d take her back to Withington. Instead, I could see he was driving her in circles for over an HOUR around East Manchester, near the Etihad as I was tracking her on Find My Friends (not so stalkery now, please please get your friends on it).”

“Eventually because we were tracking her, she could tell the driver she was aware they were going in the wrong direction, and he started to bring her back towards Fallowfield. He then said “you cannot pay me for this ride so what are you going to do for me instead?”, and trying to get his hands in between her legs. They reached the Curry Mile again, but were going to wrong way up – she managed to unlock the door and ran out, then got a black cab which took her back to my house,

Girls, and guys, do not get in a taxi of you have not called it or if it isn’t a proper black cab, you are essentially getting into a stranger’s car. Stay safe.”

This experience is everyone’s worst nightmare, and it raises a valid point – we don’t know the person who’s car we are getting in to. This story not only warns us to be vigilant and to keep ourselves safe, but to always be aware of our friend’s whereabouts and their wellbeing.

We are investigating into this incident as we have reason to believe it isn’t isolated. If anyone has any information or has had a similar experience please contact us via our Facebook page or email us at [email protected].