There’s a petition to keep Magic Bus tickets at £1

Fight the power

This week, the Manchester community were horrified to hear that Stagecoach are raising the price of the much beloved Magic Bus by 50p to £1.50.

The cost of the extra 50p per ride could leave you more out of pocket than you realise – four trips under the new pricing equate to more than the price of a pint at Squirrels.

However, all is not lost. There is hope that this upsetting event can be reversed.

The seeds of the revolution have been sown.

The petition currently has just under half of the 500 signatures goal, but with a bit of help you can angrily voice your displeasure over the 50 per cent price rise. Stagecoach must think our wallets are fit to burst with 50p coins – it’s time to show them just how wrong they are.

Finally, a petition that truly matters.

Sign the petition here.