I’m pretty sure older siblings being smarter isn’t true

It’s complete shite


A bold statement has recently hit the realms of our Facebook news feeds – oldest siblings are the smartest. It’s a controversial topic that has reared its head to cause arguments between siblings and families alike. My question – is it true?

Being a middle child, my stance is obvious. No, it’s not true.

Aren’t we all equal?

A lot of the people I spoke to argued that every individual is as smart as the next, excelling in different areas.

However, it is said that intelligence is a measure of how good a person is at problem solving – clearly everyone doesn’t do this at the same level.

Do only-children rule us all?

Oldest siblings are supposed to be the smartest because of how their parents treated them. If you’re the oldest sibling you supposedly had more attention paid to you than your other siblings, being forced to do better.

If this is true then surely only children should be the smartest, being the only apple in their parents eyes.

What do YOU think?

When this topic first came to light many people chose their side and stuck to it. A lot of people agreed, but a significant amount more held the opposing view.

While most people said that everyone is as smart as each other, a few were bold enough to state otherwise. One person said that it is completely down to the person. The harder the person works, the better they do. If they apply themselves more throughout their high school years then they’re bound to do better.

Personally, I agree that it’s completely down to the person. They are going to apply themselves – or not in some cases. They are the masters of their own success. If they want to do well, they will. It’s as simple as that.