Every reason why Man Met is way better than UoM

Get off your high horse

It seems like the UoM v Man Met rivalry has been around since the dawn of time. While the league tables might suggest that Uni of are slightly better, we all know deep down that we’d rather be at Man Met, here’s why:

Everyone is just generally better

I have found that Man Met students are generally a lot friendlier, kinder, and a lot more fun to be around. The social understanding of one another is a lot more diverse. Our students don’t just come from Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire, or any other “shire”. No, our students come from all over England – in fact, they come from all over the world.

Best of friends xx

The people are hotter

Ok, so. You may ask what grounds I am able to make this claim on. Well, I’ve been into “Ali G” (snuck in) and ‘The Cluster” a few times to get some work done with my more boring friends of UoM, and I have seen some, well lets say … interesting looking people. I once saw a boy who looked exactly the same as a crocodile? Sitting next to a girl who I thought might be Steve Irwin? Maybe trying to catch the crocodile? I don’t really know what was going on but it wasn’t a pretty sight. However, when entering the All Saints library of Man Met, you are bound to gaze in awe at the beautiful faces of our students. These kind of students make you feel bad about yourself and I wouldn’t suggest any UoM students to enter this library, as you will immediately stand out as physically unappealing.

Fit as fuck

We have better fashion sense

You cannot refute this claim. To begin with, the School of Art definitely brings some level of creative appreciation to the table, which rubs off on the rest of the students. Our fashion students are draped in the finest of clothes inspiring everyone else’s standards to rise. These aren’t only high-end designer clothes too. Yes ok, UOM students might have the latest supreme jacket or palace cap, but we should be well over that now. How many girls in Fallowfield can be seen with the same Northface bomber, or Canada Goose jacket? It becomes very boring and repetitive. Not original, like us.

Not models

Our sessions are stronger, longer, and messier

Any UOM student who comes to a Man Met party will usually just wet themselves with excitement on arrival. This is some real planned stuff we have going on, we do not ever run out of party supplies and our chat doesn’t ever die out. A UOM party usually resembles a school disco, with boys and girls awkwardly split into two groups. Very minimal and basic alcohol supplies can also be expected, alongside a med student asking you to please smoke in the garden.

We’re more chilled out

As we tend to (apparently) be less academically intelligent, we are not expected to succeed to the same level. This is a lot more fun for us, and a lot less fun for UoM. If a UoM student doesn’t come out with a first, mummy probably wont let them on that ski trip to the Alps, or to the villa in the south of France this summer. We all know stress causes sadness, and so the low bar allows us have more fun, causing minimal levels of distress.

Thinking about how much easier it is for me to get a first