Fuse TV are looking for people to be a part of their shows

Could you be a viral hit?

Fuse TV Manchester are looking for students from UoM, MMU, RNCM and Salford to take part in their shows.

A Day in the Life

Pretty much what it says on the tin, each episode will follow a person around for a day, they could be going about their daily life around university or the city – the busier, or the more bizarre, the better. If you would like to be featured apply with your best day for filming, including what you’ll be getting up to, where you’ll be, and why  they should choose you. BNOC? Have an odd job? Celebrity? Battle Reenactment on a Sunday? Nominate yourself or a mate here: [email protected].

Come Sesh with Us

Inspired by Come Dine with Me, societies go head to head in order to be crowned Manchester’s Ultimate Social. Each society’s comittee will host one night and attend the other three. Voting will take place after each social and the winner will be announced on the final night. Apply here: [email protected].

Manchester’s Worst Student Homes

In an attempt to tackle the growing rise of dodgy landlords and lazy estate agents Fuse TV wants to document Manchester’s worst houses. Nominate a mate, call us round after a colossal house party, or just showcase your landlord/estate agent’s shortcuts MTV Cribs style. Apply here.

Fuse Food

Photo: Fuse Food

Fuse Food is a new show on Fuse TV that aims to promote tasty, healthy and cheap recipes for the students of Manchester. Each week a new episode focuses on different dishes and cuisines from around the globe, celebrating Manchester’s international student community and inspiring people to get cooking! If you fancy being a TV Chef simply email: [email protected] #FuseFoodFridays.

And if you don’t want to be on a show, you can always watch others at the Fuse TV Youtube channel.