We asked you the age-old question: sex or food?

Can I choose both?

One could end up investing two or three hours inducing a debate of whether sex or food wins the ultimate temptation battle. Sure, smashed avocado on toast or a stringy grilled cheese induces the #foodporn craze all over social media – people are giving more importance to tantalising their tastebuds rather than reaching a euphoric orgasm level. However, for some, traditional sexual pleasure wins.

With edgy, minimalistic northern quarter diners plating heaps of food porn in the form of maple syrup drenched french toast or crisp buttermilk chicken, one can argue that oral arousal through food intake triumphs over experimental bedroom antics. I think to myself, why does everyone jump on the newfound craze of uploading salivation promoting dishes all over Instagram? Can one make love to food? Well, yes indeed. Eating that banana stuffed french toast might explode into a multitude of sexual innuendos within one’s mind, and hence one can savour each and every bite of their meal. Biting into a dish and gaining maximum pleasure is by no means impossible. The thought of a blitz of sweet and salt tingling your tastebuds to concoct a wonderful creation is undefined, unexplainable and straightforwardly satisfying.

It is surprising to come across some sexually charged and obsessive students whom run their day on the excitement of having enjoyable sex after a long schedule of lectures; others just have food on their mind and conceptualise the next calorie heavy meal they will next consume.

We asked students across the Manchester city and it was surprising to witness the winner in this food/sex conflict.

Aly Ibrahim, 20, UoM, BA Business Studies and Economics

Food. Because the chicken came before the egg.

Christophe Rippon, 21, UoM, BA Modern History and Economics

Food due to me not believing in the existence of sex. Only love making.

Maia, 21

Chose sex because I feel like there’s too many articles about food these days! And it’s always good to get the sex word out there, teach a few people how to have fun and be safe.

Michelle Choi, 21, UoM, Biomaterials Science and Tissue Engineering

Food. Love it.

Lucy Buxton, 21, UoM, Fashion Marketing

Food. “Cash me at Starbucks how bout dat?”

Food topped the winning poll with the manchester students all preferring the calorie consuming time pass activity. I guess a PSL (pumpkin spice latte) rules over S&M.

Making life easier: combining food and sex? Ryan Reynolds exhibited the concept for his film ‘Deadpool’ where intense love making involved a side of mashed potatoes and sticky servings of cranberry sauce (it must have been thanksgiving or christmas). If you are torn between these sensual time pass activities, do both simultaneously. You would be shocked with the continuous innuendos that are automatically associated with a banana or a fresh carrot stick. Beating the status quo with adding hints of honey, Nutella and whipped cream to your intimate life may be the most outlandish and daring thing you could do – or not.