Introducing ODDS Underwear: the Manchester brand that is everything you’ve been waiting for

By girls, for girls

We spoke to Alex, one of the founding members of ODDS Underwear, about how the project came about.

ODDS is an independent novelty underwear brand. We are a group of young creatives looking to bring a smile to your every undressing moment. We operate a cheeky n’ cheerful from girls, for girls policy – after all why undress for someone else if you can do it for yourself?

Ensuring your lesser layer is always accessorised.

We began ODDS as a group of six fashion business students at UoM for our final degree project. Having created everything for the business, from inputting the budget, designing our own underwear and prints, sourcing suppliers, hand dying and printing the designs onto the sets and creating photoshoots and social media platforms to sell it all to you. We have really toiled to create a brand that encompasses all girls to stand together in panties and embrace their ODDITY!

When we began ODDS we wanted to create a brand that takes away the sexual stigma around undressing, that a girl can only be in nice underwear to impress a guy, and can only wear it for someone else. As a group of girls we come in full force when aiming to eliminate any sexual stigma around woman’s clothing and how they ‘should’ dress. Our opening statement, detailed above, aims to invite any girl, anywhere to become a part of our mission to demolish the need for male attention, and wear your underwear for YOU! Because at the end of the day, who else’s opinion do you really care about? Our designs were created to add a fun and cheeky element to your everyday undies, so that when you undress, you can’t help but smile.

But the fun is just beginning, ODDS has now officially launched our first line of Underwear via Depop (@oddsunderwear) – So please join us in fighting to represent girl power everywhere, and wear your undies loud and proud, whilst of course staying fucking adorable.

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