Why you should never, ever move to Manchester

Don’t even go there

It’s full of ugly, run down buildings

Who spotted the projections on St Ann's Church for Chinese New Year? ?? @utdnation did. // #manchester #thisismcr

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And most of the ugly buildings are covered in even uglier street art

The @citiesofhope street art captured by @me_is_colin #BestofMCR #Manchester #StreetArt #Cityscape #northernquarter #Art #citiesofhope

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I mean come on I could do this shit with my eyes closed

The nightlife is awful

Tasty vibe at @zutekh on the weekend. Photo : @caldermarleytaylor

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They have this stupid event where everyone just listens to music in a warehouse all night

The scenery isn’t as pretty as London

Manchester sunsets are the best ? – @jastatproductions #BestofMCR #Manchester #Skyline #Sunset #Architecture #City #Drone #Dronestagram

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A breathtaking image of #Manchester by @rikki.clc #BestofMCR #skyline #omgb #sunset #city

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The transport links are shit

Oh and everyone hates the magicbus

Manchester's Magical £1 Bus. #MagicBus #ManchesterBus #ManchesterMagicBus

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There’s just not enough greenery

Landscapes aren't really my field of expertise

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Someone better call the fashion police because people dress so badly here

? @little_magpie1

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A flat like this for half the price of the same one in London just isn’t  even worth it

The old architecture isn’t as impressive as in London

The Mancunian Hogwarts. ? by @rikki.clc #BestofMCR #Manchester #architecture #Lights #victorian

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Manchester is too small

Ugh it’s always just so cramped and claustrophobic

Media City + Sunsets ?? image by @progressivevisuals #BestofMCR #sunset #Manchester #MediaCity #water #Salford

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Just looking at the food makes you want to throw up

And there’s hardly any choice

All we do is brunch brunch brunch no matter what

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Nope nothing to eat here

Good luck finding an anything arty here

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Oh look there goes another ugly run down building

Just look how creepy and dangerous Manchester looks at night

This is my playground

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I don’t care what you say, the combination of old and new buildings just don’t good

You can’t get a decent brunch around here


And the university is absolutely hideous

Thanks to @teodiluca for this wonderful campus photo from over the weekend! #UoM2016 #uom #manchester

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