J.K Rowling confirms Manchester invented Quidditch

UoM is basically hogwarts

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Queen J.K has confirmed something we already knew, Manchester is the most magical city in the Muggle world – we even invented Quidditch.

Suck it Edinburgh

J.K Rowling is known for being highly vocal on twitter about important matters, yet always manages to stay true to her roots and allows the Harry Potter fandom to live on. As for this tweet? Facts are facts.

This comes following the Quidditch Championships which were held in Plattfield Park on Saturday 18th of February, where National teams battled it out for the winning glory, and the Cottonopolis Cup.

The University of Manchester has it’s own Quidditch Team, called the Manchester Manticores who participate in National Quidditch competitions.

Fancy joining the magic? You can find them on Facebook here.

Manchester once again, making my dreams come true.