There has been another Donald Trump protest in Manchester tonight

Crowds are gathered in Albert Square

Crowds gathered in Albert Square, Manchester tonight in another protest against US President Donald Trump.

The protest is one of a series of demonstrations taking place across the UK in opposition to Trump’s policies and presidency.

Representatives from various Manchester based organisations took to the steps of the Albert Memorial to speak out against the actions of the US President. And it seems that they will not be backing down any time soon.

Police lined the outskirts but the crowds remained tame. Campaigners had some strong words to say about Trump but it was clear that this was a peaceful protest.

“Stay Angry. Stay united. Stay strong. Whenever Donald Trump attacks muslims, attacks refugees, attacks migrants, attacks women, attacks the LGBT community, denies that climate change is happening – we will be here every time on the streets to say no, we will not allow those things to happen.”

We spoke to a few of the people in the crowd to get a grasp of what today’s demonstration was all about

University of Salford students Laura, Rachel and Tom with their protest signs

“We’re here to stand up to this terrible human being” said Laura Banks

“Everything he stands for is incorrect” said Rachel Balkwill

“We’re here to take a stance against his stupid policies” said Tom Braithwaite

We also spoke to Jennie Gibson, who voiced her concerns for the next generation who will see the consequences of the election of Donald Trump.

“I’ve got a two-year old son and I’m pretty terrified of the prospect of the world he is growing up into. I’m really proud of the strong history of Manchester – a history of people standing up for those who don’t have a voice”

Ron Senchak, a speaker at the protest, also had a few words.

“Donald Trump poses a threat. It’s outrageous that Theresa May ran out there straight away and invited him back here – she made a big mistake”