We caught up with Manchester’s most eligible bachelor and bachelorette on Valentine’s Day

They’re both still single

After winning the prestigious prizes of Manchester’s most eligible bachelor and bachelorette, Jos Edwards and Flo Robinson have been wearing their crowns well. I met up with them for a Valentine’s day date yesterday to see how they’re getting on.

Have you had much attention since the big win?

Flo: I’ve just had loads of weird adds on Facebook.

Jos: MMU girls are adding me, which is not the way to my heart. Nights out are interesting, especially at Fifth on Saturday night. Girls definitely knew who I was.

Flo: He proper binned a girl off that night.

What kind of publicity are you getting now that you’re BNOCs?

Jos: National Welsh Radio (Radio Cymru) interviewed me which was really exciting. They were proud to have a Welshman take the win. You can listen to it if you want, but it’s in Welsh. My friends have also made me an Instagram account (@jos.rhys), which I have no control of. They just post pictures of me. They even made me business cards.

Flo: Oh, I’ve only had people talking to me in smoking areas haha.

Jos: My housemates run my publicity, they are way too into it.

Would you guys consider being a couple?

Flo: No. It’s a welsh thing. Imagine watching the rugby with him.

Jos: But the English are so arrogant. Guys, you were really mean to us. I would but my housemates (Chris) would never forgive me.

Looks like romance to me

What’s your dating life like now then? Still living the bachelor life?

Jos: I can’t leave the house to see girls because all my housemates will know. So basically nothing. I have a Valentine’s date tonight with one of the rugby lads.

Flo: I’m actually going on another date with one of the rugby boys tonight (Bicko). We’ve been on a few dates already.

Who dates the most in the rugby team?

Jos: Guy Bradley would like to think he does. But in reality, Charlie Reed.

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Can you give the less eligible singletons an idea of how they can get a date with you? Any major turn offs?

Flo: Play rugby and you’re in. To be honest, I’m dead easy going so don’t have any strict criteria. A huge turn off is someone who moans a lot or if a guy is too vain. And no sarcasm.

Jos: Anything involving food gets me on a date. I love sporty girls and if they’re Welsh that’s plus five points. One of my turn offs is when a girl can’t play it cool, don’t change your mood every five minutes. Be real, I hate when girls are too into themselves. I go into relationships head first to be honest so don’t want to get hurt.

Thank you both for this lovely chat. I hope your respective Valentine’s dates went well.