Hate crime reporting centres have opened at MMU

Students will be able to report any hate crime

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Throughout history hate crime has always been a prominent issue, however last year there has been an increase in incidents. Home Office figures on hate crime in England and Wales show that from 2011-2012 there has been a year on year increase in reported incidents. They also found that following the last year’s referendum there was a sharp increase in reported hate crime incidents between June and July 2016. During the week after the referendum the BBC reported a 50 per cent increase in hate crime reports in Great Manchester.

Hate crime is defined as any crime that is targeted at a person, or a their property, because of hostility or prejudice in relation to:

  1. disability
  2. race or ethnicity
  3. religion or belief
  4. sexual orientation
  5. transgender identity
  6. alternative sub-culture hate crime

Not all hate crimes are violent, they come in many different forms, it can be anything from offensive language to being harassed.

Looking at these figures would make anyone feel disgusted, Manchester is such a diverse city and this should be celebrated, not used to fuel discrimination. However, there has always been discrimination throughout society, now the focus need to be on tackling it. This is why MMU have opened up Hate Crime reporting centres.

There are two Hate Crime centres on the MMU campus, they are both located in the student union in the advice centre. There you will find specially trained staff who can report hate crime on your behalf and can also provide you with advice and support.

The advice centre at the union also offers help for various other issues such as debt, housing, academic issues and health related issues.

Man Met’s campaign poster.

If you have suffered from hate crime then there are other ways to report it if you do not want to go through the university.

  1. You can directly to the police. If you’re not in immediate danger then call 101 at any other time or visit your local police station.
  2. You can also report hate crimes online at www.report-it.org.uk.
  3. You can also report it to Manchester Student Homes. They are a third party hate crime reporting centre based in Fallowfield.

Nobody should suffer alone. It is in times like these that we all need to pull together as a community and support each other.