British Quidditch Championship to be held in Manchester this weekend

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As if Manchester wasn’t already the hub of sporting events, we’re now hosting our own Quidditch Championship.

The popular sport derived from the Harry Potter world is playing globally, and we even have our own Manchester University Quidditch Club.

However, rather than zipping around on brooksticks (bit of a let down), the activity sees players take to the field in a game which is a mixture of lacross, rugby and dodgeball.

And now sporting groups from around the country will come together this weekend to fight it out for wizarding glory.

Muggles playing Quidditch

Teams from around the country – mostly from university campuses – will spend Saturday competing on Platt Fields Park in a contest hosted by Manchester University’s team.

The Quidditch championship will take place on Saturday the 18th, and the winner will be awarded the Cottonopolis Cup, aptly named to pay tribute to Manchester’s past is cotton trading.

Seven teams will be competing in the cup; Chester Centurions (two time champions), Liverpuddly Cannons, Manchester Manticores, Preston Poltergeists, Queen’s University Belfast and the Sheffield Squids. The public is welcome to attend and watch the matches, the cup will start at 8am and end at 5pm.

Sounds magical, right?