Drake offered to help talk man down from a bridge after Manchester arena show

It happened at 5.40 am after his tour bus was caught up in traffic

Drake appears to have offered to help talk a man down from Mancunian Way bridge after his concert at the Manchester Arena on Saturday 12th February.

The incident happened at 5.40 am, hours after the show finished, when Drake’s tour bus was caught up in traffic on Mancunian Way. Police had been called to the scene when a man was seen standing on the wrong side of the barriers.

The show took place at Manchester Arena on Saturday night

One officer was approached by a male thought to be part of Drake’s entourage, who asked on behalf of the rapper if there was anything he could do to help. His offer was apparently politely declined.

Roads were closed nearby as police attempted to talk to the male on the bridge. The man was taken to hospital for assessment after he was safely brought down from the bridge before 7 am.