Nominate Manchester’s Maddest Fresher

It might even be you

The second semester has officially begun, so you’ve had plenty of time to make your mark as the most mental lad in Fallowfield.

We all know on. Maybe he did the Tower Challenge before reading week, or maybe she went on a two week bender during exam season. If you know a proper mad fresher, now is the time to nominate them.

They can be any gender, from any halls and mad as you like. We just want to know what makes them so mental. Send a photo of your nominee looking classic and a story of the maddest thing they’ve done at uni. We have high hopes.

Think rugby initiations, nights out at Factory and the host of Owens Park’s best post-sesh. If you think you know our winner, nominate them and get campaigning once the voting starts.

The nominations will be completely anonymous, however we will need to ask their permission before we can feature them in the voting.

You can either email your nominations to [email protected] or message our Facebook page.