We asked people at last night’s protest what you want to say to Trump and May

Manchester isn’t a big fan of either

We went to the ‘Emergency Manchester Demo against Trump’s #MuslimBan and UK Complicity’ last night in Albert Square. Amongst the excitement and the chants of “Hey, Hey. Ho, Ho. The Muslim Ban has got to go.” and “Stop the hate. Stop the fear. Donald Trump’s not welcome here.”, we asked you why you cared and what you have to say?

Libby, Make Up Artistry

“Trump’s a dick really.”

Rob, Science and Communication

 “Me and my mum are Iranian, so we’re banned. Thanks a lot Trump.”

Holly and Will, History

“Fuck you Trump and you too Theresa”

Luke, Politics

“You, Donald Trump, are the leader of the free world. We have to accept that and he has to accept that there are consequences to his actions. This route of division and hatred has no benefit to anyone. At the heart of it I don’t think the man’s a racist, just an opportunistic demagogue who will say whatever he thinks will gain him more power. I want to appeal to the better human in him, if it exists, and if it doesn’t that’s what these protests are for.”

Ross, English Literature

“He is a massive cunt and she is just as bad.”

Eve, Architecture; Anthony, Psychology; Lauren, Children’s Nursing

“Today is about her, she needs to speak out. It is disgusting that she hasn’t.”

Anna, Chemistry and Kate, History

“Theresa is beyond ignorant to think that the problems of the world aren’t also our problem. It’s the basic principle of humanity to speak up and stand up in the face of injustice.”