Best dressed at Pangaea: The Land Before Time

There were obviously loads of slutty cavemen

January Pangaea is always tricky for costumes with the cold and the rain, but you certainly didn’t disappoint this time round. There was fur, there were plenty of dinosaurs and there were the inevitable anti-fancy dress kids who were just too cool. Here is a selection of the best dressed Pangaea goers this weekend.

Annabel Murphy, third year English Literature; Emily Wroe, second year Fashion Buying and Merchandising; Milly Mosawi, third year Classics

The Closet girls

Harry Manson and Mark Herbert, fifth year Medicine

Patch Middleton and Corin Silva, third year Drama and English

Georgia Phillips, third year Drama and English

The Flintstones

Edward Gibb, fourth year Maths and Peter Rwatschew, fourth year Physics

Shiela Woods, Psychology graduate

Hamish Thain, fourth year Spanish and Business Management; Ed Duthie, third year Law; Ben Lawrence, third year Biochemistry; Daniel Gibson, third year Management

Rob Kirkham, third year Medicine

Bodge, fourth year Town Planning and Ian, fourth year Physics

Dan Arme, third year Chemistry and Henry Greenwood, third Politics

Anna Nicholson-Taylor, third year Chemical Engineering

Dr James Collis and Matthew Clark, fifth year Medicine

James Stephenson, second year Politics