Sankeys won’t be opening in Manchester, but there’s a campaign to bring it to every other city

Apparently Stoke has had the biggest response so far

Earlier this month, news broke that Manchester nightclub Sankeys was closing for good to be turned into apartments.

Understandably, people weren’t happy. Manchester lost one of its most well-known and longstanding clubs for yet another block of apartments.

The company have been clear Sankeys won’t be reopening in Manchester, but it emerged this week they will be opening in other cities.

They’ve teamed up with The Night Time Industries Association (NTIA) to create #DoYouWannaSankeys, a campaign to bring the club or event series to their city.

People can register for their town to be included and the more support an area gets the more investment and activity Sankeys will bring to their nightlife scene.

They have specifically said Manchester will not be included in this campaign: “Manchester is our first home and a city which is unbelievably important to us. With the club having just been lost its too early to include the city in this campaign as we will be assessing our options there and taking action just for you guys.

“We are obviously not just going to leave Manchester and never come back but let’s let the dust settle on that at least for a few weeks. DoYouWannaSankeys is about bringing the vibe that started in Manchester to the rest of the country and thats something all of us can feel proud of.”

There’s no set plans as of yet, but their event page says they’re looking into spaces in Stoke and Newcastle who’ve had the biggest response so far.

View the campaign here.