It’s official: Jos Edwards is Manchester’s most eligible bachelor

The final received over 2,000 votes and it’s safe to say there was a clear winner

You voted, and here he is. The ultimate hottie in Manchester, Jos Edwards. He tanked through the first heat and won by over a hundred votes in the final – there was never any real competition for this rugby lad.

He’s 21 and from Bala, North Wales. He’s in his third year studying History, a Christian and is the Chairman of the Rugby Club.

Upon hearing the news, his auntie Andrea had this to say, “Clearly taking after your uncle who consistently reminds me how handsome he is and how lucky I am.” She’s even been sharing pictures of said uncle on Facebook to show how similar they look.

We had a chat with our new king of Fallowfield to see how he was after hearing the news of his big win.


Hi, Jos. Congratulations on your victory!

Thanks, Annabel. I’m still in shock. Shout out to my parents they’re pretty proud of this achievement as well.

How does it feel to be crowned winner of Manchester’s most eligible bachelor?

It’s like the second coming.

Were you expecting it?

No. I’m still gutted for Billy.

Who do you have to thank for this remarkable achievement?

God, he works in mysterious ways. Also Chris Calvert my campaign manager – the man has never been happier to see me win. Rob Cadge for knowing everyone.


Have you experienced much of a reaction since the competition began?

There’s been a few random adds to say the least. They tend to be MMU girls.

How are you going to celebrate?

The boys want me to have my first beer in 21 years.

Where are you going to take your career from here?

Will be adding it to my CV. I’m sure the church will love it.

What kind of dates have you got planned for all the ladies that will be lined up?

I’m yet to meet any of these ladies.


Are you looking to stay a bachelor? Or do you have a long term love in sight?

I’m off to work in London next year so I’m not looking to be tied down.

How should any eligible ladies go about winning your heart?

Be Flo Robinson. Or food.

Do you have any special talents or interesting facts that we haven’t learnt about already in the competition?

My special talent is probably enjoying 256 sober and my interesting fact is that the only person I share a bed with is Chris Calvert.

Thanks, Jos. It’s been a pleasure having you in the competition. Enjoy your reign as Manchester’s most eligible bachelor.