The story of how a tarantula escaped across 24 bedrooms in a Manchester Halls of residence

What we know so far

Yesterday, everyone’s worst fears came true when a tarantula broke free from a halls of residence bedroom. Yolandi the tarantula took an adventure of a lifetime and was discovered by an unsuspecting fresher on his way to the toilet.

Caius Tabberer told The Tab: “I needed a piss and then noticed there’s a fucking tarantula by the loo. Someone may have planted it but we’ve had no parties so I genuinely have no idea, not something you’d expect when you just want to take a piss to be fair.”


Security came to remove the tarantula, who gave her a damp sponge to rehydrate after the perilous journey to Beach Court, and tucked her up into some “nice tupperware”.

Georgia, the owner of the tarantula (known as Yolandi – who actually has her own Facebook), was found after Caius posted a video of it on Fallowfield buy/sell tickets. She explained she’d left the spider out in her room while she’d gone home for a few days, and she’ll be back to collect her soon.


Yolandi the spider and her owner

The spider has become an overnight sensation – the Facebook video has over 1,000 engagements. She’s even turning a few arachnophobes with her spidery charm, although I’m not sure if any of them would like to find her in their bathroom.

Yolandi’s journey

To get to Caius’ bathroom, the spider travelled a flight of stairs and three flats, past 24 bedrooms before deciding to hang out in the toilet.

The residents of Beech Court where completely unaware that Yolandi the tarantula was scuttling about the floors of their halls until one petrified fresher found her by the toilet on his way to the bathroom.


Where she is now

Yolandi will be reunited with her owner once she returns, at present she is being looked after by a member of campus security with some spider-sitting experience. She will not be alone for Christmas.

It transpires that Yolandi is quite the BNOC, with her own Facebook page and is well known for “loving a balloon and a xanax.”