Three students organise a group crying sesh in the Ali G

‘There’s no pre-crying allowed, we’re all in this together’

We all know the student struggle. It’s such a hard life balancing a degree, against the attention required to get through that whole season of a Netflix original in one day, not to mention having to actually socialise with people. Sometimes, all of this responsibility can get on top of us, leaving us feeling very downtrodden and highly emosh.

Luckily, three students from UoM knew the struggle was real. Kholoud Abu Taha, Zaynab Abid and Emmie Gee took initiative, and organised a group cry for us all to just let it all out.

there there now *pats back*

there there now *pats back*

The event has gained 1.6k people interested, with 1.1k confirming their attendance.

The description reads: “Christmas holidays are almost here (and January exams :D) but don’t worry, here’s one more event to get you in the festive mood!!!

“Come on down to the stress hub for one last breakdown before you go home for the hols.

“Event is BYOT (bring your own tissue) and feel free to invite friends… the more shoulders to lean on the better!

“It’s not lit! 🙂

“P.S. no pre-crying; we’re all in this together!”

The event has gone viral, ending up on popular websites such as ‘student problems’.



We’re all in the same boat here, so let’s not keep our woes a secret! Whack out the Kleenex, let’s get our communal cry on.