Vote for Manchester’s most eligible bachelorette: heat one

She’s not your baby

It’s time for the girls to step up and prove who is the ultimate bachelorette in Manchester. They’re sexy, they’re sassy and they’re taking no prisoners. Here are four of Fallowfield’s hottest ladies. Vote for your favourite to get into the final.

Kirsty White


Meet the best white rapper on campus, Kirsty White. She’s a Welsh first¬†year Drama student so when she gets messy she calls that homework. When she’s not getting lit at Antwerp she’s channeling her ‘Dracarys’ cosplaying as Daenerys at comic con – so she can definitely¬†light your fire.

She’s an artist too – her Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrows belong in the Louvre. Her dream date would be Lord of The Rings and chill (she has worked at dominos so can slap up a cheeky pizza too). She’s the next Nicki Minaj (but only because she loves the anaconda).

Rosie Sury


Third year American Studies student Rosie is one of Manchester’s true gems. After spending a semester in the US last year, this 21-year-old blonde bombshell is seriously cultured. She’s a wily minx who always has a comeback and could drink you under the table. Fancy taking on the challenge?

Morgan Macgregor


This 20-year-old architect is fun loving and care free. She’ll keep you forever entertained and has lots of fun trousers. With hair brighter than the sun, she’ll be sure to brighten up your day. When asked where she would take someone on a first date, Morgan responded with, “um, I dunno. I never realise its a date until like half way through”. So why not treat her right and let Morgan know she’s on a date with you.

Amy Pedreschi


She’s 21-years-old, she’s a third year Pharmacology student from Anglesey and she wants a gentleman to look after her. Who’s interested? She loves lifting big, food, fancy dress and the sesh. She likes going out to Sankeys, as that’s where all her friends met their boyfriends and she’s trying to do the same. She hates anything that doesn’t smell like vanilla. Her ideal man is apparently, “a c*nt with a quiff”. Oh, and she speaks Welsh.

Who’s your favourite out of these four Fallowfield fitties? Take your pick and vote for the best.