Donate a gift box for the homeless community

Because Christmas is for giving, not just recieving.

The Christmas period is great, you get to go home to your family and pets in a warm house with a full fridge. It’s three weeks of sheer bliss, but that’s not the case for everyone. As you know, Manchester has a large amount of homeless people who won’t be able to just go home over the Christmas period. Instead they will be outside hungry, cold and alone. This is why Ross and Georgina decided to create their campaign Boxed in order to help the homeless as much as they can throughout this rough period.


The whole idea of boxed is for people to fill a shoe box full of gifts and essentials that can then be given to the homeless community, making sure that everyone gets a gift this year. The most appropriate things to put in your box are things like sweets, tinned food, toothbrushes, baby wipes, hats and scarves etc. These are things that can be stored, used and eaten whilst being homeless. All it takes is for everyone in your house or flat to put one item and then you can all put them together in a box to donate. It doesn’t have to be expensive – three pairs of gloves from Primark are a pound, things like that will be very appreciated.


Ross and Georgina have teamed up with Barnabus, Mustard Tree and Cornerstone Daycentre who will be responsible for distributing the donations. 55 boxes were given away by Barnabus at their Christmas Dinner which was on the 6th of December, whilst Mustard Tree will take the donations up until the 15th of December. So there is still time to get involved.

If you would like to get involved then you can either fill a box, donate items to go towards a box or you can donate money to their GoFundMe page.


The main collection point for donations is in Owens Park reception. It’s a giant box where students can make their donations 24/7. So if you’re feeling festive or wanting to gain some good karma before assignment season then make sure you get your donations in by the 15th of December. A small shoe box could make someone’s Christmas.

Over £600 has been raised already and the charities are due to give away over 110 boxes. Please contribute further if you can.