There have been severe delays on Oxford Road due to various incidents this morning

Among them was a girl being hit on the road

Buses have been queueing up and down Oxford Road all morning due to a variety of incidents that took place this morning.

A pedestrian was reportedly involved in an accident on the road: a girl was seen on the road talking to police with cuts on her face.

An ambulance and police were present, however when contacted, the Greater Manchester Police Press Office had not yet received information about the incident.


In addition to this, a bus broke down near the University of Manchester on Oxford Road, creating further delays.

There are severe delays near Piccadilly as there was a fire in Chinatown last night in which a lot of damage was caused.

There are likely to be delays on Deansgate later today as the road is reportedly being closed at 5pm.

More information will follow as and when we receive it.