The Crystal Maze is coming to Manchester

Start the fans please

We all know we enjoyed the recent revival of The Crystal Maze for Stand Up to Cancer, well get ready because the live experience of The Crystal Maze will be coming to Manchester in spring 2017.

The Crystal Maze was the best challenge show out there, with the legendary host Richard O’Brien and the wacky games it was a guilty pleasure of a lot 90s kids and those who watched its re-runs on challenge.

Crystal Maze Live Experience founder, Tom Lionetti-Maguire told the M.E.N, “I can’t wait to bring the show here, and I cannot wait for people to see what we will be doing – the venue will not be a surprise to anyone, but what’s inside most certainly will!

“I’ve often been asked if we would build another one and if so, where would it be. Where will the next Crystal Maze be? Well it could only be in Manchester!”

So if you fancy doing some of the challenges whether it be in the Aztec, medieval or futuristic theme then get yourself registered here.

But if you want a place you’d better be quick, as the London one booked up eight months in advance. So get to it.