Manchester is the most instagrammable city in the UK


Manchester is a colourful, diverse city. It’s dualistically a concrete jungle and a cosy home, and guaranteed your mates all want to visit you whilst you study here. To top it off? It makes your Insta feed look amazing.

Let’s talk about the food. The classic food pic, guaranteed to rake in double digit likes.

The beauty of Manchester in this sense, is that there is no set in stone theme. You can go for chill and edgy, and grab an aesthetically pleasing Latte at Fallow Cafe. Grab a burger at Fight club themed restaurant, Almost Famous (cult film themed burgers, Instagram would go mad for it). Or if you’re a fancy Nancy, hit up Cloud 23 for those Gossip Girl vibes, not to mention those Insta-worthy views.

Phuck yo Shard.

Manchester never fails to satisfy in terms of music events, such as WHP and Parklife, and gigs on at the Academy. These also prove excellent locations for you to liven up your Instagram feed.

Check out that Manchester sunset.

If you love a good Museum like myself, then Manchester is the city for you. We have an array of fabulous museums such as the Whitworth and Imperial War Museum which are most definitely worth the visit. You can also catch some snaps whilst getting educated. Hashtag cultured.

However, the beauty of Manchester is that you don’t even need to go exploring to catch a good Insta-tunity, or just have an amazing time in general. No need to look further than our very own university campus, or Piccadilly Gardens. The idyllic compositions of Manchester can be right on your doorstep.

So much to explore in Manchester, it would be rude not to awaken that inner photographer and show your friends just how fab Manny really can be. It has something for everyone – not to mention the potential of the Christmas markets right now. Why wouldn’t you want to live here?

Go on, make your mates jealous.