Why Revolucion de Cuba is the real gem of Deansgate

When I need to escape the dreary Manchester wind and rain, I take to the floor of Revolucion de Cuba – and here’s why!

Introducing the wonderful world of Revolucion de Cuba 

Nestled in the heart of Manchester, amongst the excited chaos and humdrum of the infamous Deansgate, lies the undeniably iconic Revolucion de Cuba. I have spent an embarrassing number of Friday nights here that I often think the bar staff must recognise me.

Alcohol, ice and all things nice 


A flurry of frozen cocktails (my greatest weakness), sombreros and maracas (insert judgement here), the world beyond the Mancunion streets is a Cuban heaven destined for the secret salsa sensation in all of us. Now I don’t claim to be a good dancer but somehow the combination of cheesy music and lack of sobriety has me thinking I’m a ballroom professional.



A recommendation from a regular 

Now, an inside secret from a Revs de Cuba ‘regular’, you haven’t experienced anything until you’ve ventured downstairs. This is unquestionably the biggest giveaway of my ‘de Cuba’ obsession. I default to those stairs quicker than you can say hola. I’m set up for the night and I couldn’t think of anything better.


Dominate the dance floor

Take centre stage and channel your inner Latina when that frozen cocktail has turned into 2 or 3 – or 5. When I hear an early noughties tune fill the room I can’t help but dance – how well is certainly questionable – but who can resist an iconic S Club Seven hit?


Embracing escapism from the chaotic city streets 

The electric atmosphere transports you from the stress of a 9-5 to the beaches of the Cuban coast; my somewhat hazy memory conjures images of feather clad dancers, rustic decor and more cocktail combinations than you could count on both hands. In other words, my idea of heaven.


If you’re lucky a sexy señor will be on hand to show you the salsa ropes and really get your night going.


Proudly pioneering Deansgate’s most precious gem 


I’m not ashamed to say I would happily spend every weekend at my beloved Revs de Cuba – if it weren’t for my friends stealing me from temptation. But I can bet you one million Cuban Peso they secretly feel the same.