CoppaFeel!: getting to know your boobs

Meet the Manchester uni boob team making sure that girls check themselves

Being a female student you have a lot of things on your mind, from deadlines to going out your mind is jam packed and a lot of the time important things just tend to be missed. One of these important things being to check your boobs for anything unusual. This is why the girls from CoppaFeel! have hit the Manchester campus, in order to remind you girls to check your boobs.

Cute boob

Many people think that only older women get breast cancer and that younger women are safe, this isn’t exactly true. At age 23 Kris was diagnosed with secondary breast cancer, this is why she decided to found CoppaFeel! so young girls can gain the habit of a lifetime, coppin’ a feel.

The girls at CoppaFeel! have found that there is a huge taboo surround young girls checking their breasts and they want to spread awareness, eradicate misconceptions and help young women learn how to check their breasts correctly. The more you get to know your boobs then they more likely you will be to notice if something has changed or is different.

Uni Boob Girls

The girls have three important messages:


Looks girls we all have busy lives, but we also all have tits. It only takes a few seconds to check your breasts, I mean you could do it whilst waiting for the magic bus in a morning or somewhere more private if you aren’t feeling ready enough for that yet.

If you want to support the girls and the Breast Cancer Awareness charity then keep your eyes peeled on their Facebook page for details on their upcoming awareness evening along with many other fundraising events. The girls partake in lots of different fundraising and they absolutely smashed it over breast cancer awareness month by raising £1,466.13. So make sure you turn up to their events and help them raise even more money next time.

Boobs and vintage clothes go hand in hand xoxo

Make sure you keep an eye on the Facebook page so you don’t miss out on any of the fab fundraising and events that the girls host, I mean who would want to miss at vintage sale? Now your probably thinking who are these wonderful and inspiring women, so here is a diagram showing the beautiful females to you can fully get to grips with the Manchester Uni Boob Team.

The beaut Uni Boob Team

The girls aim is to get as many young women checking their breasts as possible, this is why CoppaFeel! also provide a free text reminders direct from Boob HQ to your phone. Just text UBT MCR to 70500 for your free monthly message (check out the terms and conditions here [] first). Or you can order a waterproof shower sticker from They give you all the info on the signs and symptoms you need to keep an eye out for, and they’re free. Win win. Now there is even less of an excuse to not check your boobs.