Oxford Road is closed AGAIN

When will this madness end

For those of us who aren’t freshers, it seems like our university experience has been defined by roadworks. Manchester and roadworks go together like Ross and Rachel: they split up from time to time, but always come running back to each other.  Well just to make us feel like we are really back at Uni, they have once again graced our presence.


The roadworks are supposed to carry on until 23rd January. Just in time for exams. Fun.


Delays likely, yay

The diversion will follow the normal route down upper brook street (which we all know so well).

So be prepared for sitting that five minutes longer on the magic bus, and walking through a maze of construction sites to get to your lectures.


Let’s hope that when this is all done Oxford Road will look like Manchester’s version of the Hollywood boulevard because it has taken that bloody long.