Ticketed events are the bane of Manchester student life

Because what’s more fun that planning a night out a month in advance?

Manchester Nightlife is legendary, with clubs such as Sankeys, Hidden and the edgiest place on earth, Antwerp Mansion, we seriously know how to party. However there is one thing that ruins this, the fact that for any good event we have to get tickets. Tickets are the bane of any Manchester student’s existence.

Say goodbye to spontaneity

You think, “I fancy clubbing tonight”. You go on Skiddle and find that all the decent events have sold out and you are left with Fifth or Factory. The reason, tickets. If you want to go anywhere half decent you have to decide weeks in advance. Spontaneity and being a student at Manchester just don’t mix. So make sure when you buy those tickets for a month later, you know you will be in the mood for a big night out.

the only spontaneity - fifth

the only spontaneity – fifth


But you think to yourself, do you know what I know I have left it late but I just can’t miss Bondax at Antwerp. So the only option is to trawl through Facebook groups hoping that when someone else booked those tickets a month ago, they no longer want to go.


desperate times


Fake tickets

But then even after finally finding those tickets to Fatboy slim at WHP, there is the risk that they are fake. If only you had got up at 8am and waited for an hour just to get those over priced tickets for warehouse, because I mean that screams fun.

absolute shambles

absolute shambles


You now have the tickets but think to yourself, students night are supposed to be cheap right? Quids In? But if you want to go to that really good night at Antwerp or Albert hall, you better have a spare 20-30 pounds. Don’t even get me started on WHP.

Some are even willing to pay £100.000

Some are even willing to pay £100,000

Only go to one place

After spending that ridiculous amount of money, the annoyance doesn’t just end before the club. Sometimes when we are drunk we like to go on adventures, but tickets stop this. Once you have bought that ticket you are stuck to that club and that club only for the whole night. Where does the spontaneity of hitting a few clubs go? I just want to go on an adventure sometimes.


Friends from home

Then, after a few months at uni, you have now got used to ticketed events and the annoyance that comes with them. So you decide it’s time for your friends from home to visit. Attempting to explain the fact that you need to get tickets becomes a task in itself. Yes, I want to come to Manchester but whats Skiddle, and why am I paying 15 pounds and buying a ticket for a club night? Because that’s Manchester, night out and tickets go hand in hand.


whats skiddle?

What’s Skiddle?

But does this always have to be negative? Yes tickets may be the bane of our lives, but that also ensures the night is going to be better and full of people who want to be there so much so that they thought about this night out weeks ago. So it may be annoying but it could be worse, imagine if nights such as Quid’s In at Factory were our only option.